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Club SciKidz STEM Box Climate Change

Climate Change: Making A Difference!

For most of Earth’s history, the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, have been balanced. This means that the processes releasing these gases into the atmosphere have equaled the processes using these gases from the atmosphere. Our activities, like cutting down forests to create cities and burning fossil fuels to create electricity, release extra greenhouse gases, and these greenhouse gases act like a blanket that slowly warms the Earth.
This box will provides several fun activities that will help them understand our climate change a little bit better. 
  • ENGAGE AND ENLIGHTEN with a Tree-mendous nature project. Build your own Solar Night light with our engineering and technology project. Learn about Ocean Acidification and the Greenhouse Effect. 
  • EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR HOME LAB includes a beaker and thermometers.
  • 18 PAGE FULL-COLOR ACTIVITY MANUAL details all the exciting experiments and activities. Also included: 20 Micro experiments and observations, scientists who inspire, science quotes and riddles, and a splash of science fiction. Don't forget to look for the SCIENCE SURPRISE!
  • 100% SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED- For more than 22 years, Club Scikidz has provided engaging and fun STEM experiments and projects to young scientists and engineers around the world. Perfect for home school science!