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Club SciKidz STEM Box The Sounds of Music

  • The Sound of Music Box

  • Music is in the air! Sound is all around us, even though we can’t see it. Humans use sound to communicate; musical sound helps us tell stories and express emotion. From the simple hand clap to the complex electronic synthesizer, musical instruments have an important place in human history. Get ready to go on an amazing scientific, musical adventure. With this Club SciKidz lab box, you’ll learn:

      • How sounds are made and experiment with musical instruments created by you.
      • Join friends and family to create music with Palm Pipes.
      • Build a Straw Pan Flute.
      • Create your own Harmonica.
      • Make a string instrument.
      • We have included some special secret formulas.
      • Take advantage of 15 additional micro experiments and observations.
      • Lots of great science vocabulary.
      • Science quotes and riddles.
      • Scientists who inspire.
      • Don’t forget to look for the special musical science surprise!