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Club SciKidz STEM Box Cosmic Cookie Dough

Calling all future astrophysicists!

Look toward the heavens with our amazing astronomy box.

Cosmic Cookie Dough is all about the Cosmos! Space is certainly a mystical, exciting, and tantalizing place. Some say it is the final frontier. This box provides activities on enjoying and recognizing objects and constellations in the night sky and will help you become outstanding "Star Seekers" as you learn about these night time phenomena. The fun and learning begins with building your own pocket rocket. How high can you go? Then enjoy constructing your own refractor telescope, create a UV detecting bracelet, use your very own star finder, add a tektite to your museum collection, and play with some galactic ooze! Don't forget the science surprise!

Each box also includes:  
  • Galactic ooze
  • Foldable robot
  • Famous quotes
  • Science riddles
  • Scientists that inspire
  • ...and a splash of science fiction.

 Don't forget to look for the monthly surprise!

Fly ME To The Moon!

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