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Club SciKidz STEM Box Fun With Fossils!

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Have you ever wondered how we know so much about prehistoric life, about plants and animals that no longer exist? Well, fossils tell us stories about the past. Just in time to go along with the release of the new Jurassic Park Movie!

 Transform your young scientist into a Paleontologist as they find Trilobite fossils encased in earth, dig through our bag of fossil mine rough, and dive into a Dino skeleton excavation!

This box also includes:

  • Our Dig into Fossil Guide Book
  • Fossil Mining Identification Sheet
  • Engineering Project-Cork Launcher 
  • Secret Formulas
  • 20 more Micro Experiments and Observations
  • Scientists Who Inspire
  • Quotes and Riddles
  • A splash of Science Fiction 
  • And of course, our monthly science surprise.