What's Inside the Box?

Club SciKidz STEM Box: The Solar Car!

Scientist believe that man-made carbon emissions are contributing to global warming which is heating up the Earth's atmosphere. Lately, there has been a great emphasis on renewable energy sources such as solar, water, and wind. Scientists have discovered that the sun's energy could be absorbed in a "cell"and converted to electricity. We are now able to use the sun's energy to light up our homes and even heat our water. So grab your Club SciKidz notebook and get ready for some solar-powered fun!

  • Learn how to turn the sun's energy into electricity. 
  • Build your own solar car.
  • Explore how the sun is responsible for the rainbows we see when you construct you own spectroscope.This is a device used to split white light into the spectrum of colors in a rainbow. 
  • In our Secret Formulas department cook up some Solar S'mores by converting your Club ScIKidz Lab box into a solar oven.
  • How would you like to make some delicious Sun Tea? We have the recipe!
  • 18 PAGE FULL-COLOR ACTIVITY MANUAL details all the exciting experiments and activities. Also included, 15 Micro Experiments and Observations, Scientists who inspire, science quotes and riddles, and  a terrific cosmic tv show review. Don't forget to look for the SCIENCE SURPRISE!
  • 100% SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED- For more than 22 years, Club Scikidz has provided engaging and fun STEM experiments and projects to young scientists and engineers around the world. Perfect for home school science!