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Step 1 - Subscribe

Step 2 - Monthly Lab Kit Arrives

Step 2 - Monthly Lab Kit Arrives

Step 3 - Lab Kit Arrives

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  1. The Welcome Box includes the exclusive lab notebook, activity manual, safety glasses, magnifying lens, pipettes and forceps, and a terrific assortment of experiments and projects.
  2. Your second box and beyond includes a collection of skillfully curated science and technology activities and supplies.
  3. Start conducting and creating mind-blowing experiments and projects.
  4. Build your own home laboratory and science museum.
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Monthly Science Themes

January Theme - Chemistry January


February Theme - Medicine February


March Theme - Veterinary Science March

Veterinary Science

Meteorology April


Forensics May


Geology June


Astronomy July


Oceanography August

Oceanography: Save Our Oceans

Engineering September


Special Effects October

The Science of Hollywood's Special Effects

Culinary Science November


Robotics December

Science of Toys

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