Club SciKidz STEM Box FM Radio

When German physicist Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of electromagnetic radio waves in 1888, he opened the door to wireless communication. Radio transmissions became an important part of American life. By the 1930’s most American households had at least one radio. Families would gather around the radio in the evenings to listen to news, sports, music, and mystery stories. With the arrival of television and computers, the radio took a backseat, yet is still an important tool for communication. Think about the last time you were in a car; did you listen to the radio? There are many different types of radios including shortwave, cable, weather, internet and satellite. You will be putting together and experimenting with an FM radio. 

  • Build an FM Radio Kit using our exciting Samp Circuit Kit. Learn about circuits, resistors, capacitors, and all the components necessary to make radio work.
  • Construct a Power Amplifier, Electronic Kazoo, and Trombone.
  • Explore our LED Flashlight Project.
  • 18 PAGE FULL-COLOR ACTIVITY MANUAL details all the exciting experiments and activities. Also included, 20 Micro Experiments and Observations, Scientists who inspire, science quotes and riddles, and a a terrific science book review. Don't forget to look for the SCIENCE SURPRISE!
  • 100% SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED- For more than 22 years, Club Scikidz has provided engaging and fun STEM experiments and projects to young scientists and engineers around the world. Perfect for home school science!