Club SciKidz STEM Box The Microscopic World

Humans have always been fascinated with the idea of magnifying small objects and discovering what is beyond the naked eye. The words micro, meaning small, and scope, meaning to view, combine to form the word microscope. Historians believe ancient man looked at objects magnified through pieces of clear rock crystal. Microscopes are essential to modern science. With this Club SciKidz lab box, you will put together your own origami portable microscope, prepare specimens for observation, hunt for tiny organisms, learn about Hooke and Leeuwenhoek and lots of other microscopic fun. Who knows what you might discover?

  • EXPLORE your Origami Microscope and then prepare some dry and wet mount slides.
  • ENGAGE AND ENLIGHTEN WITH OUR NATURE PROJECT as you look for microscopic Water Bears.
  • Build and Discover The Foldscope - your origami microscope.
  • 14 PAGE FULL-COLOR ACTIVITY MANUAL details all the exciting experiments and activities. Also included, 20 Micro Experiments and Observations, scientists who inspire, science quotes and riddles, and a a terrific science bool review. Don't forget to look for the SCIENCE SURPRISE!
  • 100% SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED- For more than 22 years, Club Scikidz has provided engaging and fun STEM experiments and projects to young scientists and engineers around the world. Perfect for home school science!