Club SciKidz STEM Box Introduction to Robotics

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Introduction to Robotics

The word robot is derived from the Czech word “robota”, which means “forced work or labor.” The Greek mathematician Archytas built the first known robot in 400 B.C. This wooden bird was powered by steam and could “fly” 200 ft. In the late 1400’s, Leonardo da Vinci made plans for a humanoid robot. Robots and robotics, the science and study of robots, have come along way since then.

  • Experiments include learning about circuits and how robots work.
  • Celebrate the changing colors of the season as you create your own pressed leaf coaster.
  • Build your own drawing Bot with our engineering/technology activity.
  • Equipment for your home lab includes wire strippers.
  • Add a couple of secret formulas and your own ingredients to create homemade conductive circuit dough.
  • Discover 20 micro experiments and observations, science quotes and riddles.
  • Add a splash of science fiction.
  • And, don't forget about the science surprise!