Club SciKidz STEM Box Rainforest Rescue

When you think of the rainforest, what do you imagine? Do you see tall trees, dense foliage, and diverse animals and insects? How about lots and lots of water? Rainforests are found all over the world, the most well-known one being the tropical rainforest in Brazil. Unfortunately, rainforests are in trouble! Half of the world's rainforests have been destroyed in the last 100 years by humans.

With this Club SciKidz box, you'll learn about why rainforests are so important, and how you can help "rescue"them.

  • The rainforest box contains experiments and activities that focus on the rainforest ecosystem and conservation.

  • Create a rainforest friendly seed bracelet in our nature activity. 

  • Make your own solar oven with our engineering activity.
  • Equipment for your home lab includes a tape measure.
  • Add a couple of secret formulas and your own ingredients to make a rainforest treat and rubber.
  • Discover micro experiments and observations in the activity guide.
  • Enjoy and learn from this month's science quotes and riddles.
  • Get some great rainforest book recommendations.
  • Don't forget to look for the science surprise!