• Packed with Projects!

    We love our first Club SciKidz Lab kit! It was packed with a ton of projects and activities. The brine shrimp experiments were amazing. We can’t wait until next month! The little extras and science surprise was a nice touch! -E. Clewis

  • We are Big Fans!

    We are big Club SciKidz Lab fans! We love all the detail and thought given to the great experiments. My son loved polishing and exploring his prehistoric amber. Now he wants to be a Paleontologist! -S. Patel

  • Worth Every Penny!

    Loving our first Club SciKidz Lab box! I would recommend this box to anyone with future scientists, doctors, or engineers roaming the house. This box was worth every penny! -M Spalding

  • Genuine Lab Equipment

    These folks are the real deal! The boxes come with genuine lab equipment and the first box arrived with the coolest lab notebook I have ever seen. We will be opening these boxes for a long time! -K Yoest